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Table of Contents – Abridged Preface Introduction 1 Reauthorizing the Spirit

Diving into the River of Life

Women at the Point of Contact

Getting our Spiritual House in Order

2 Coming in from the Cold—Another View 3 Conundrums

Happiness Compromised

The Process of Intelligence

4 The Brain Model

Innate, Learned and Conscious Awareness

An Alarming Vulnerability

Biological Intelligence vs. Artificial Intelligence

5 Our Expulsion from Eden

The Origin of Good and Evil

The Two Laws of Creaturely Behavior

Governments Want Subjects, Not Humans

Idolizing Jesus

The Ten Commandments Condone Slavery

Contracting, a Perceptual Black Hole

Outlawing our Behavioral Nature

6 Myths and Belief Systems

Civilizations’ Three Primary Myths

A fourth Primary Myth or Freedom

Why Am I Here?

Feelings Justify our Existence, Not Objectives

Life’s Meaning Is in the Journey, Not in Goals

7 How Holocausts Happen

Life Is About Relationships, Not Money

Making the World a Better Place. Really?

Prisoners of Our Plans

Spiritually Sleepwalking through Life

8 Natural Families

A social or a Pair Bonding Species?

Ignoring Reality

We are Born with Full Slates, Not Blank Ones

The Dominant Role of Females

Women Are Territorial; For Men the Issue is Identity

Letting the Spirit Sort Things Out


9 Intimacy

The Intimacy Equation

Love is Circumstantial, not Intentional

Why Feelings Exist

10 Spiritual Freedom

Gifting Others with Our Presence

Accepting Life on Nature’s Terms

Cutting the Ties

The Spiritual Power of a Female Bond

11 Regaining our Spiritual Freedom

The Illusion of Truth

Heaven, a Spiritual Hell

The Freedom to Die

Blame, the Perfect Shelter from Reality

The Two Axioms of Spiritual Freedom

12 Take us Home Girls

Men are the Emotional Dependents

Spiritual Freedom in a Single Act

Your Sisters Will Never Let you Down

Female Bonds Threaten Legal Identities

I also Have a Dream Epilogue Frequently Asked Questions


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